Jasmin Chouikha travels worldwide and presents her art in galleries.
“Jasmin Chouikha is a passionate and ambitious artist. Each of her works is unique and filled with love.”

When an artist goes on a journey, pictures emerge that are full of poetry and magic. Jasmin Chouikha, born and raised on April 3rd, 1981, as the second child in a family of teachers and artists, moved years ago to the small artist town of Lagos, located on the Atlantic. She received her artistic training from numerous well-known artists at home and abroad. Exhibitions abroad made her famous. On her travels around the world, Jasmin was inspired by very different cultures.
Earthy colors, lonely landscapes, the world of signs and symbols, the mystical and mysterious, the real and yet dreamy, all these impressions come into play in her work. She is a person who likes to orientate herself towards other cultures and thus receives a completely different perspective. One recognizes fascinating symbols full of poetry and beauty. Her paintings also have a narrative aspect. Snakes and turtles, ornaments, an empty glass on a crooked piano, but also more abstract compositions with gold and light games can be discovered.